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An Underwater Photography & Video website for those who want to travel light!


Welcome to, an experimental website for underwater photographers and videographers who have decided that 35 lbs DSLR, 6 strobes and multi-lens HD video gears are not worth the trouble diving with!

There are a lot of websites for underwater photography but they are mostly showcases for DSLR or high-end video gear afficionados. Here we focus on point-and-shoots. Our tutorials are detailed with a lot of pictures which we hope will help you make the best out of your cheap gear and make pictures that you can be proud of!

Photo Tutorials

Underwater HDR: not ready for prime time!

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This tutorial details the basics of HDR shooting and explains their applicability to underwater imaging.So I got th...more

Published on 2012-10-26 22:45:26

Cropping and resizing

Resizing and cropping is probably the easiest to use tool in your digital darkroom. It allows you to keep only the part of the image you are intereste...more

Published on 2010-05-31 15:47:25

Macro and manual focus

Macro photography is the art of shooting small stuff. Nudibranchs are a very nice subject for macro but other subjects not necessarily minuscule also ...more

Published on 2010-05-30 18:25:04

Shooting in (almost) manual like a pro!

If there is one thing important when shooting underwater, it's shooting in non automatic modes. Point and shoot automatic modes are optimized for land...more

Published on 2010-04-24 18:48:41

Backscatter Begone!

Backscatter is the result of tiny particles such as sand or plankton reflecting the light from the flash close enough to the lens to be captured by th...more

Published on 2010-04-21 23:58:40

Using the flash

  As water absorbs a vast quantity of the light that passes through it, an external source of light such as a flash is needed to get the best out of...more

Published on 2010-04-21 00:18:38

O-ring maintenance 101

Your case's o-ring is what separates a fun day of diving from a terrible-day-when-my-camera-flooded of diving. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep...more

Published on 2010-04-11 22:08:28

A Posteriori Color Correction

The properties of light underwater differ from on land. Past 5 meters (15 feet), the color red disapears and we need an external source of light (a fl...more

Published on 2010-04-05 14:06:39

Light & composition

Light and composition are two main elements of a great shot. This tutorial will help you compose your shot by taking into acount the scene you're tryi...more

Published on 2010-04-05 08:43:13

The art of shooting underwater

Just like everything you do while diving, shooting pictures underwater requires some skills not necessary while shooting on land. This short tutorial ...more

Published on 2010-04-04 23:10:01

Taking care of your camera and case overview

Here you are, you bought your dream gear. A nice compact point and shoot digital camera and a perfectly fitting underwater proof case. This very simpl...more

Published on 2010-04-04 22:16:11