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This is this time of the year: horny Garibaldis, green pea soup and a couple of sea lions

Published on 2013-03-17 21:49:48

Spring is in the air, however cold and foggy, it's there. Garibaldis are busy eating everything but red algae to make the perfect nest for the perfect mate, the water is green, undoubtedly to celebrate Saint Patrick's day and sea lions have apparently issues with parenting and are off swimming around and having Margaritas instead of taking care of their pups. Lucky for these, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is here to rescue them!

On these premises, I joined the South Orange County Dive Club weekly shore dive and dove Crescent. Nobody wanted to see Dudley, the sunken pirate in his wooden coffin, so after a quick surface swim we hit heading 240-270 towards Bermuda Triangle and Seal Rock. A newly installed sign on the beach asks divers and swimmers to "stay off Seal Rock", as if I was going to purposely beach myself with 50 lbs of dive gear on a freaking rock full of not so friendly sea lions, some of them horny males? Yeah right, thanks nanny, but I have a brain.

So anyway, the water was green and cold as I had forgotten the 7mm shorty I wear on top of my 7mm wetsuit, visibility was not that great, perhaps 10 ft at best, a couple of big lobsters, a few Hopkins Roses and two sea lions too fast for a shot.

I came back with 20 pictures. I had set my camera to shoot RAW+JPG so that I could savage overexposed sunbursts in the kelp but it was useless this time as the sun was probably shinning super bright behind the damn thick layer of fog that covered Laguna Beach that day. When viz sucks like that, macro is your friend but macro opportunities were scarce. I think I need a new mask... Probably a +2.5...



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