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Back in the water: Mountain Road & Heisler Park

Published on 2015-06-27 22:13:39

So yeah, it has been almost 7 months since my last post.

To my defense, conditions have sucked and although I dove twice in March, I also got lazy.

Anyway, this week and last week I went down to Laguna Beach and dove Mountain Road and Heisler Park.

Conditions still suck with very poor visibility. Mountain was also devoid of critters for the most part of the dive, until a giant black sea bass showed up and saved the day. And it was not one of those skittish 100 pounders, not it was a big badass fish half the size of my car. No kidding. The resulting shot obviously is awful, with uncooperative conditions and no sun. Tv 1/125 no flash.

Heisler's conditions were slightly better but not by much. Viz was probably in the low 10 ft but there was a few critters to be seen: eels, sheepheads, spider crabs, a cute baby horn shark, giant lobsters, and a beautiful Tylodina Fungina that I found myself!

We had a big group of more than a dozen divers both times and parking was a challenge. At Heisler, while gearing up, I almost made fun of one of the divers who was donning his drysuit, thinking it was a little overkill for our balmy waters... My mistake. Even though the temperature at Mountain the week before was in the high 60's, it dropped dramatically this week and Heisler was in the low 60's, high 50's! I almost froze to death after one hour underwater!

Anyway, Summer is coming, bringing all the mid-westerners and east-coasters to our beaches and parking is going to become more than challenging, so stay tuned for the next report, for sure in September!

And the black sea bass video!


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