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Grand Cayman: Colors of the Caribbean

Published on 2015-11-29 12:39:44

It was Pirate Week again!

Just like in 2013, I went to Grand Cayman for a short week of pirate-inspired fun. On land: rum, friends, ships, Jolly Rogers, pirates and more rum. Underwater: good visibility and cool critters hence a tonload of pictures and a cool little video with my first attempt at synchronizing music and action!

We stayed at Sunset House again, a nice dive operation in a diver-friendly resort with a very divable house reef featuring the famous mermaid and a noisy tourist submarine which can show up on you unexpectedly (but you hear it coming...) We also dove with Indigo Divers, a cool little dive operation, almost private, with just one stranger and our group of four on a very comfortable boat.

Camouflaged hairy crabs, other crabs indiscernible from sea cucumbers, free swimming giant green morays, cool looking hermit crabs and a dozen of other critters, a couple of which I saw for the first time, made the relax dives around the West End enjoyable.

Shooting-wise, no great news there: 1/125 Tv, macro-mode, forced flash for small stuff, 1/250 Tv, flash forced-off, manual white balance and post-processing color correction for wide angle and video. Slower shutter speeds for wrecks, higher for  sunbursted stingrays at stingray city!

And the short  video with synchronized music. Turn the volume up!   



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