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Lobster Fest!

Published on 2017-08-12 18:59:51

Two weeks ago, after my dives at Shaw's Cove where visibility was not the greatest but critter fest was on, I thought I would dive again the next day. Think again young man. After asking for a VIP of my two tanks at the local dive shop, I was told I needed a hydro and that I just missed the pickup by like a minute. I actually saw the truck leave the shop as I was parking! Oh well. Two weeks later, got my tanks back, my buddy was motivated, the surf models were diveable and reports were describing an unbelievable 25ft visibility!

So we went diving.

We stopped at Diver's Cove and Fisherman's as we got an awesome parking spot next to these two coves but decided against diving there because the tide was pretty low and these coves are not that deep. Plus Diver's looked like a wash-machine at times. So we left and decided to dive Shaw's again.

I found less critters than two weeks ago, but my, the lobsters were out in numbers! They were everywhere. They must know Laguna Beach is a protected area because the big ones were out in the open. No fear. They must also probably know that the upcoming Dana Point LobsterFest is all about Maine Lobsters and not our local spiny lobsters!

Other than that, not much else to report. Temperature was in the low 70s, even at 25ft. Did not go much deeper as we decided to stop a little bit before turn-around-rock.

Visibility was pretty decent in the crevice and a little murky on the reef. I'd say 10-15ft. Surge was pretty strong, not much in the crevice but more on the reef which was unusual.


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Posted by Bog

On 2017-09-04 14:33:28

You need some bug spray !
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