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Choose your buddy well

Published on 2010-04-23 23:27:00

Diving with photographers or a videographers when you're not one is a pain. You have to wait for them all the time, they never pay attention to you as they're deeply absorbed into composing their perfect shot or awesome sequences and they take forever to gear up.
Similarly diving with non image crazies when you are one is a torture. They're always taking off when you are in the middle of your best shot or your best rush ever, they never stop cruising, they always complain that they get cold waiting for you, they don't understand how you can spend 15 minutes finding the perfect angle for a nudi shot and their fins are always in your videos...
Don't dive solo, but be aware of the difference between you and your buddies. If you know them and they know you and are OK with your way, then you have found the perfect match! If you're diving with someone for the first time, tell them you are a photographer and that you stop often. On a trip, warn the divemaster that you take pictures. He/she will watch out for you and even point out cool stuff you can frame!
And remember, it's your dive, but it's also their dive... So don't get upset if you missed a couple of good shots. Except if it's a basking shark or a mermaid.


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