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Back in the water at last - Laguna Beach kelp beds

Published on 2011-05-19 19:35:29

Well it seems that not diving for 2 months had a slight effect on my brain. I must have lost a few cells as I forgot my diffuser when I went diving the recently regrown kelp beds off Divers Cove in Laguna Beach last week end. Or maybe it is the high level of stress caused by all the work that is being done in my newly acquired Orange County property that'll put me in debt for the rest of my life that caused an early Alzheimer moment. Oh well.

So I dove without my diffuser. For the second time (first was in the Bahamas earlier this year). This time however since the viz was around 5ft, there was not much wide angle scenery to shoot. I tried a couple of giant kelp shots from the bottom but the absence of sun and the murkiness of the water did not help.

At some point one of my buddies pointed at a eel which I did not even bother checking out when I realized it was deep inside a little crack... I tried to take a picture of a funny blennie but the flash (poorly) illuminated everything except the blennie...

So I ended up doing my white balance on greenish sand and shot a couple of garibaldis and sea stars. Exciting.

Oddly enough, I still must have enjoyed it because I came back on the beach after an hour with less than 100psi!

Overall dive was pretty surgy, temperature in the 60's (16C), a little lul on the surface with a couple of 4-footers. Viz was awful. I hope it's going to improve otherwise I'll have to ask for my transfer to Tahiti.

Here's what happens when you forget your diffuser


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